Friday, March 06, 2009

Neil Cavuto dicusses the economy on the O' Reilly Factor

Neil Cavuto is a smart guy. There just isn’t a question about that. When it comes to the economy and stock investing, Bill O’ Reilly is out of his league. That was perhaps never more apparent than in the following video of the O’ Reilly Factor.

But the biggest thing I found in this video clip is the fact that President Obama has lied to the American public. And he is getting away with it.

President Obama stated he had a plan for the economic crisis back in late November, but we have yet to hear it. He stated that he would cut wasteful spending, yet he is approving of a spending bill with 9,000 earmarks. He stated that he would only go after the rich, yet his stimulus package excludes those over $75,000. And he stated that he would be open to comments and thoughts, yet he is actively ignoring the stock market and unknown numbers of investors.

President Obama has an agenda. He had it before the economic crisis, and before the election. He continues to follow thru with that agenda, even as it costs tens of thousands of jobs and the retirement of millions of Americans. That should concern more people than it is.

Neil Cavuto may seem harsh, or grim as O’Reilly states, but in fact he is being honest. I learned a long time ago as a stock broker, that is the least liked response. Even when you are dead-on correct.

When I spoke about the problems of Citigroup over a year ago, I was told I was stupid. When I discussed more than a year ago my fears for the economy, I was told I could not understand the big picture. Look it up, the facts are in black and white. So I understand how Cavuto feels.

The fact is that President Obama has neither given a reason, nor a soundbite to encourage investment in the market. He has ignored the well-being of millions of Americans today, with the promise of a better future for some in the unknown future. And according to polls right now, the public loves him for it.

People hate Bill O’Reilly when he points out the short-coming of President Obama. People hate Neil Cavuto for pointing out the ineffectiveness of the economic plans of Democrats right now (and Republicans when they were in office). And people just tell me they hate me of a list of reasons, avoiding any commentary on what I have actually said and/or gotten right.

What does that say about America? That we are so busy drinking sand and hiding our heads that reason is beyond us. The people that are going to pay for this is more than just homeowners like myself that are paying their bills and soon to be paying those of others. Our children, and soon their grand-children will be paying for the agenda of President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress.

I hope that President Obama saw this video, if not the actual program. I hope people around the nation saw this. Because at some point the Government needs to act as if they have a concern.

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