Sunday, October 30, 2005

More Poetry


I rejoice in being a black man... In being one of the most powerful creatures on earth. I instil fear, by walking down a street or entering an elevator. I am held in awe by women of all colors for my beauty and strength. I am respected, even by my enemies for withstanding their attemps to humble or lessen me.

Only I can travel to other nations and create wonder at my natural leadership and ability to survive any circumstance. Only I can cause nations to wage century long campaigns to strive to strip my manhood. Only I can change my chains weighted upon me to props for laughter and song. Only I can wear my hardships and pains as symbols of pride and honor, and cause others to seek out paltry imitations of such to wear as false symbols for themselves.

I command my peers, few as they are, and create work and careers where I am told I cannot tread. I go boldly in every step, confidence obvious in every stride. I excel in my actions as nature has blessed my physique many times. And I confound many with my innate knowledge understanding and adaptability to my surroundings, the world, and science.

I rejoice in being able to have a mate I chose, who I exhalt because she is mine. I smile with the knowledge that she is my equal, not because of law nor words of those less than me, but because I know it.

I acknowledge who I am, what I am, and all it entails. For all the money and power in the world combined cannot match nor buy the depth and width of what I am.

I rejoice in me.

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The Dark Voice Speaks

I look in the mirror and see my heart in my hands, with eyes hollow and bare

The scars of LOVE lost, the pain fresh as if new all over again

Unreciprocated, withering, or ruined by the hubris of youth

Tearing down the soul in a whirlpool of solitude

The bitter Hemlock of wanting, wishing, missing, hoping on my tongue

As days become years, as youth grays from life lived almost full

My eyes cloud with tears while cold stone slowly replaces my life`s muscle

So as I wait for true Bliss to fill my days & nights

I find my solice in a bottle of jack in its stead

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Rapper Movies

Movie ratings

There seems to be an outbreak of rappers invading Hollywood these days. Beyond my own deep dislike of almost any rap since ~1987, this phenomenon is startling to me.

I’d rate rappers in movies as follows:
  • Wil Smith - Has natural talent and has honed their acting abilities through years of training and experience. Commands respect of peers and capable of the lead in $100 million blockbusters.
  • LL Cool J - Has a lesser degree of talent. Has trained and gained experience over years of work. Can maintain quality supporting roles in significant production films. Tends to work in a single niche genre.
  • The rest of the bunch - May or may not have little/no talent. Has no experience at acting, and has bypassed trying to learn for quick money. Generally will be minor support in lower quality films, or occasionally lead/co-lead with C tier or less actors. Movies tend to exploit the rap image projected in music videos.

  • Of these types it seems that the last category is gaining more ground. Not that skill or talent has improved, just the economics. By that I mean that a low budget film (10-20 million is what Wil Smith is paid to be IN a movie) starring the latest video, not yet in jail for stupid actions, flavor can return 3x or more on investment. If more than one of these bottom tier, bail kids is involved the numbers increase dramatically. Why? Because they attract the rap/hip-hop crowd, whites who want to buy into the black experience that’s for sale, and the black community that says "We must support black films, even if they are garbage."

    Of course this only motivates Hollywood to continue to pump out poorly written (slang instead of words - to be cool), poorly plotted (Why/How is this stuff in the movie happening?), Horribly acted (Would it be the same if Denzel or Samuel did it?) low budget trash (would anyone see this movie if it was exactly the same but had white actors? Would it even be made if that was the case?).

    Well perhaps I will be surprised and find talent under the rock that is rap music, but I’m sure it will only happen after rap is replaced by the new music craze, just as rap did to rock.

    Oh, by the way, Queen Latifah is on the LL scale (Oscar or not she gets to make movies like TAXI with jimi fallon) and she spent years getting good doing TV (like LL and Smith). Tupac had promise but got killed for stupidity (his lifestyle and the east/west thing). Janet and Whitney are singers.

    As a side note I have a rating system:
  • A movie will proportionately decrease in quality with the addition of a rapper(s), and will exponentially drop in intellect based on the number of rapper(s) in it.

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    Feelings on Multi-cultural classifications

    jul 26 2005

    On my mind is the thought that everyone these days wants to be a here/American. It’s so ridiculous. Anyone in this country that has 2 generations or more here are Americans. Other places, ethnicity and such are irrelevant. The only gain is to weaken and reduce the stature of America.

    When was the last time you heard of a Chinese-British? Swiss-Australian? Maybe a Japanese-Indian? You don’t. Not in any media I’m aware of, unless its from or describing Americans. When did it stop being important to just be American? Obviously it was important enough that whatever place or creed was not as important as coming to live and have families in America. So either respect that and be American, or leave.

    As for those who are African-American... Unless you have just arrived from Nigeria or Chad or such, you and your family dates back 2-400 years here. That’s American. You have about as much to do with Africa as they do with America. Just as New York is neither Dutch nor English, neither are you African.

    If you are one of those that define or allow yourself to BE defined as a color before a person then you are in my opinion, lost and/or confused. Look in a mirror. You are a person. Black is a color, and it is darker than any living being. I myself have a nice bronze color, but that is not WHAT I am. I have nothing to do with Africa nor Spain. I am American, and while from time to time I have to deal with others problems with color, it is not what defines me. That is not what people in business or life describe me with.

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    jul 26 2005

    Hanoi Jane (jane fonda to the young ones) is up to her old tricks again. It has been reported that she is planning to go out and protest yet another war, while the sons of America are under fire. While I support her right to protest, and can almost believe her concern for our troops, I do not trust her motives or means. She, in my mind and that of many veterans, was responsible for the manner that America treated our soldiers upon returning home. She was so treasonous as to allegedly help and support the enemy during active war. She is evil (if this is true), and in an effort to reclaim some fame, and fortune she wrote a book of her life. The timing of it matching her latest movie, which thankfully bombed. And she has never apoligized for her actions, a woman such as this should be expelled from the country. These are my opinions, and reflect only my feelings.

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    More old thoughts

    Aug 1, 2005

    I was just thinking about a show I saw on TRIO over the weekend on the N Word. It went over the history and actual meaning, as well as worldwide take on the word.

    I noticed something else though. In the mid- to late `80s rap was still considered a fad. The overall call for unity, pride and uplifting of blacks in America was the general theme culminating with Public Enemy. Until N.W.A. and the west coast introduction.

    I do understand the call for stating what they were living but did anyone notice that the record companies, that had previously stated away from rap, as well as videos not being shown relatively ever, suddenly turned around. By `90-91 roughly, the number of groups, with the new "gansta" style promoted and available, grew exponentially. Matching that growth was the image of Blacks as gangsters and criminals. Also equal to that growth was the use of N____. Prior to the use in records it was considered a word that could incite riots, and legally was a reason to cause bodily harm.

    While the word has not changed its meaning, no matter what the youth or entertainers wishing to get rich claim, its use has become rampant. Many producers are conflicted in rap and entertainment, as it brings them money but they would not want to be called this, nor to their kids. And the black culture has bought into the image of men being little more than criminals, waiting to be killed by cops or competitors. Unless you can play games well (ie. baseball, basketball, or football).

    How sad that that is what the descendants of the creators of the pyramids, math, blood transfusions and more have come to. If that is all life could be it would not be worth living. But I do know that there is more. What do you think?

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    Politics for elections

    Has anyone noticed the latest insult perpetrated by the democrats? I mean the uproar started by Mrs. Clinton (in an effort to promote herself politically on a national scale) about the Grand Theft Auto "Hot Coffee" modification. The focus lead by Mrs. Clinton and other democrats, is that sex acts are simulated by CLOTHED characters in the game. This they contend will corrupt young kids leading to sex at earlier ages, increasing STD`s, and raising the number of pre-adult single mothers.

    Do they think we are stupid or uncaring? The game, which was originally marketed to be sold only to those 17+ (with an adult present) and targeted to mature gamers, is horrendous. Why? Because it promotes Black on Black crime and violence, drug dealing and thus addiction, violence against women, random violence, police corruption, abuse of power, gangs, stereotyping of the highest order and a few items I probably missed. Yet those issues are OK for the democrats as their central issue is the sexual content that was not intended for access by the public. The game MINUS the disabled portion was OK and appropriate with the above issues intact. But the Democrats claim to be the party of the people, and Blacks make up a significant portion of their party (the reason for which continues to elude me).

    The solution they propose is to have the gov`t dictate what can be placed in games (or interfering with the First Amendment right to free speech) thus placing the gov`t in the marketplace. Another solution they have is for games to be equated with alcohol, cigarettes, and other items sold only to adults. While slightly better what other items of entertainment might follow suit? Restrictions on books, music and videos, movies? Maybe restricted channels for TV shows like 24, Desperate Housewives, Sopranos, General Hospital, ect. Sounds a bit like Farenheit 451?!

    Aren`t parent responsible, and should act accordingly, for what minors view and do? Shouldn`t PARENTS decide what is appropriate for their child(ren)? The gov`t MUST protect its citizens but the citizens are responsible, and accountable, for the welfare and morality of the youth. Give up that right and you give up the future. Hitler stated, correctly, "Give me the children of today, and I`ll have the world tomorrow".

    If Democrats want to gain political clout (in a bid to gain the presidency) should they want to speak out about all the issues rather than 1 point in a sea of troubles? And why do we not hold them to such a standard. Why has there not been an outcry on what they FORGOT to have soundbites on?

    Beyond my own disdain for this game, and the Democratic party are questions people should ask. Why not start with telling me what you think. Don`t stop there, but at least start.

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    A few thoughts from previous days... in no particular order

    Sep 21, 2005 Time for school

    Ok, so I`m annoyed by the ever growing "ghetto" culture. Ignorance may be bliss, but only for the ignorant (of which there are few) and the stupid (of which there are many). What do I mean by this? Well pull out a dictionary and look up the word N*****. What do you see? Perhaps the most offensive and inflammatory racial slur in English. "A member of a socially disadvantaged class, a black person
    usually offensive." So when you call your "friends" or anyone this you are in fact saying that you think of them so lowly as you cannot find another word in english to subject more insult on them, without regard to what you would like the word to mean. This is what the word has meant for Centuries and still means across the world.

    How about another word? When you refer to your "boys" (and yes I`m guilty of this at times as well) you are in fact saying they are your servants. They are not equal to being called Men. A boy is : a male servant, an immature male. So you are saying nothing to be proud of when you say this. This is little different than why male slaves were called "boy", to mentally strip their manhood (from them and their family), to stress the inescapable condition of their lives, and to raise up their {slave owner} images when in groups of people. (This is also where the term "the man" comes from, referring to the "master" or slave owning male).

    What of the beloved "Cowboy". Americas favorite term, envisioned by may to reflect the growing America. Well kill that idea. The term derives from the above mentioned "boys" who were tasked with tending to the herds in the field. As America grew, and pushed the indians further west, the herds grew larger and the number of slaves was insufficient. Mexicans and poor whites started to tend herds and move west to create new lives and start over. As they settled the "new land" The herds were all important to survival and with few people or slaves whomever was around tended the herds. The name transfered from just blacks to anyone in that position (it became a job and not a slave labor as time progressed). Then came the history and stories we all now know of.

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    Please bear with me as this is only temporary and alot more is planned shortly

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