Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jim Cramer must be reading my posts

Like most everyone who can do math, I have spent many hours trying to figure out how President Obama will reduce the deficit, or spur growth in the nation, as he proposes $3.5 trillion for his budget. But I wanted to stop to discuss something I was just told.

It seems that around 6:45pm or so, Jim Cramer was asked his opinion of Alcoa. He stated that the stock is a speculative buy. Aren’t you shocked?

Well if you have been reading what I’ve said you wouldn’t be.

“There are companies in these sectors, or related ones, like Alcoa that trade at below book value now. This is an interesting value. But expectation of near-term growth is null. Yet at some point the vital raw goods will be needed, and demand plus speculation must drive the prices higher. And as that price rises, without another sector to compete with any real assurance, there will be a run..”

I know about Cramer's comment because I was just told about his comments from a friend that I was discussing the markets with earlier today. And my friend likes to keep account of the predictions and outlooks I have for the economy.

Now I know some people are looking at the market environment and thinking, ‘Alcoa may be cheap, but I want something that will move.’ It won’t happen.

President Obama has unveiled a budget of $3.5 trillion, filled with smoke an mirrors at almost every turn. Funded on the backs of the “rich”, which I take to mean higher taxes on the middle class. He is seeking to further stall any growth in investments with higher capital gains taxes. He is looking to crush the ability of private business to rebound with higher corporate taxes and Government intervention.

If anyone is looking at the market with the thought of a return horizon under 2 years, I feel they are foolish. It’s just not a reality. And even in that timeframe, assuming the pipedreams of Democrats are half-realized and just half-effective, the best return will average to about 15% after taxes.

But that is a matter for another day. I’m just going to bask a bit in the fact that Kramer is several days late and paying higher prices than what I called for. The difference may be minor, but the fact is that in this market, just getting vindicated is all you can really expect.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Where is the bottom?

Over the past several days I have been asked two questions over and over. Where is the bottom, and where would I invest? They are difficult questions, and I don’t have great answers.

It has taken the market 4 months to reach the lower target for the Dow Jones that I called for on November 18th 2008. Once it reached that point I expected another 500 point drop, which took a week. At this point some 55% of my predictions from last year have happened. And that is a conservative estimate.

Since that time I have spoken with many former stockbrokers, business owners, and investors. And from all these discussions, the political environment, and what I believe, I can say the following with confidence in my mind.

The Dow will flounder between 7100 and 6600 for as long as the next 9 months.
Any upside movement in the market will be temporary.
If any global political events heat up in the next 9 months, things may get far worse.
Gold and oil will run sharply first.
A major bank will fail.

Since the start of 2009, the Dow Jones Index has lost 20% of its value. This was predicated on a liberal Democrat taking office as President, a Democrat-run Congress, the addition of $800 billion (not including interest but rounding up slightly) in spending called a stimulus package, and the fact that some $350 billion of authorized bailout is pending use.

None of this is a positive for the economy. Every large investor and institution could see that. I believe that major investors took the time from October until December to pull out most assets from the market. December was a time when small investors entered the market, and some short seller closed their positions. Which led to an artificial rise in the markets, seen by small investors and some media as confidence in President Obama.

From Jan. 2nd and on (at the latest), I believe large investors have shorted the market – if not just before that time. I believe that they foresee little opportunity for an investment over the next 18 months. Bonds are worthless at these interest rates (especially if inflation grows even half as some expect). Corporations are troubled by negative growth for at least 2 more quarters, and the continuing credit squeeze. Thus stocks are inadvisable, generally.

But I do not see large shorts to close their positions yet. They are waiting for a signal from the Oval Office and Congress. IF the Obama Administration goes forward with creating a nationalized healthcare, costing tens of billions of dollars to start, and Congress goes forward with the currently whispered 2nd stimulus (of the Obama Administration), then the shorts will increase and the Dow will go far lower.

The result of continued spending is that tax rates for the “wealthy” and corporations must increase. Where else will the money come from? And wealthy is a relative term. Because as the just passed stimulus package has made clear $75,000 for singles and $150,000 of couples is the threshold. And since corporate taxes were promised to increase 10% during the Presidential campaign, that cuts the current profits. Including transaction costs and taxes, the Dow would need to go down roughly 800 more points to give a decent net profit. If the cost of the Government is increased the assurance of who will pay grows exponentially.And thus the profit needed must as well.

But a friend mentioned something interesting to me. The market is always wrong at the top and bottom. With maybe some 90% of the market negative currently, we must be near or at capitulation. Which I agree with. Except normally at the top or bottom of a market there is an obvious near or mid-term expectation. There is none now.

There is virtually no sector of the market that can be observed to have an obvious benefit under the current political plans. Nor in the current private markets. Thus there is no area for capitulation to rush forward to. Thus it will not happen.

When the markets do reach the profit point of acceptance, and close their positions, where will they invest?

It is my expectation that the safest and smartest positions to create are in oil and gold. Only in those 2 arenas are we able to see assured continuous demand. Every other sector is questionable on time and return. Especially in this political environment.

There are companies in these sectors, or related ones, like Alcoa that trade at below book value now. This is an interesting value. But expectation of near-term growth is null. Yet at some point the vital raw goods will be needed, and demand plus speculation must drive the prices higher. And as that price rises, without another sector to compete with any real assurance, there will be a run – latter to be followed by another crash in those sectors.

At the very best, I expect some sectors of the market to show better than expected numbers in the 3rd quarter. Those that took short positions and closed out long positions in mid-2008 might have the same result for the 2nd quarter, but that will be far fewer companies than in the 3rd quarter.

This is a recipe for very flat to downward trends in the market.

Still there is hope. But it takes a lot of patience, building of positions in small steps, and no expectation of a reward (ie a return of 15 – 25%) for 18 to 30 months from now.

There is my answer. Take it as you will.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dow Jones at 7600 - what I said, right and wrong

Back on November 18, 2008 I made a prediction. I said that in the first quarter the Dow Jones Index will hit 7600. I then proceeded to explain why it will do this and what will be happening. With the Dow having crossed my target I will reflect on what I said then.

“…auto makers are now first in line to ask for their own bailout,… And Congress will likely pony up the money for each of them.”

In fact the auto makers asked Congress for $50 billion dollars. As a surprising move, probably meant to give citizens the impression that Congress has some idea of what it is doing, the auto makers only received $15 billion.

Keep in mind that like the credit bailout, auto makers claimed at the time that the entire amount was needed or they would fail. To date the auto makes have not failed (though they have laid off workers, which was inevitable) nor has the economy though less than all the funds requested have been used.

“So far a 2nd stimulus plan is being conceived, growing from an initial hidden $50 billion, to $150 to $300, and now is being speculated at $500 billion dollars. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t just screw up, she does it with swings to the bleachers.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not only hit the bleachers, she hit it out of the park. The stimulus package is being signed by President Obama today at the eye-popping total of $787 billion. But only Democrats think there is no waste in the stimulus.

“This means that New York City will get crushed this year.”

So far the budget of New York State is so bad that Gov. Patterson is in the process of taxing citizens based on weight. And who knows what will be next, but be assured the State is in severely bad condition.

“President Obama will get inaugurated and the Dow will drop 500 points.”

In fact the Dow dropped every day from the start of 2009. On the inauguration the Dow jones Index dropped 337 points. Not the 500 I expected, but close enough.

“Oil prices should stabilize at around $65 - $70 per barrel to start the year…”

I am completely wrong. They are currently at about $37 a barrel of crude oil. The economic crisis is keeping demand way down, and so far oil is not being used as an alternative investment.

“Gold and precious metals should all increase dramatically in a similar manner to that of 2008.”

As of today, Gold hit $973.80 an ounce. It is within $36 of an all-time high, set last year.

“Growth in China will likely stall as well, especially since the boost from the Olympics will have faded.”

The World Bank has stated that real exports will be down 7.5% in 2009 (at 3.5% versus 11% in 2008) and the growth in that nation will slow to 7.5%, or down 1.9% from 2008.

“Taxes will increase roughly 3% on all income groups.”

Wrong so far, but just wait for it.

“Several mid-sized financials will fail, blame will go to short-sellers and corporate greed.”

Expectations are that this is on the horizon.

“Confidence in the U.S. Treasuries will weaken, and several nations will begin to sell in hopes of buying national debt of England and a few isolated nations.”

Thankfully I am wrong on this so far. I pray to remain incorrect. But there is no reason for any nation to buy Treasuries at below 5%. It’s just not worth it.

“Unemployment will hit a 20 year high, again raising fears of a depression.”

I cannot count the number of times Democrats, and President Obama, have stated we are in or about to be in a depression. Call it fear mongering if you want to be honest, but it’s a daily statement without question.

Unemployment recently broke a 28 year record.

“Iran and Russia will take aggressive stances in the world stage.”

They have been blustering a bit of late. But they have not taken a full-blown aggressive stance. Yet.

“If I am as correct as I was in 2008, then 60 - 70% of what I have said will occur, though not exactly in my timeframe.”

Well looking at it empiracally I would say that I have got it about 55% right so far. The 1st quarter isn’t over yet either. World politics can shift in a minute, so that might push up my percentages at any time. And honestly I don’t what the rest of what I expected to come true. It would mean devestation to millions.

I will stand by a though I made at that time as well though. I expect things to get a bit worse and hold through the second quarter. But given I had no idea what the stimulus package would entail, nor such a enormous wasteful pricetag I will ammend my thoughts.

The 2nd half of 2009 will be just as bad, if not worse than the first half. There is no stimulus in the stimulus package. There is nothing to preserve or create jobs. No sound person would use any of the paltry amounts the stimulus will provide to do anything but save, pay bills, or watch evaporate if gas and/or oil prices move up at all.

At this point I would imagine gold hitting $1150, crude oil eventually getting back to about $60 (mostly through alternative investment speculation and production cutbacks). I fear but expect unemployment to hit 10% by the end of the year. The 4th quarter will be horrible. Inflation will likely run 3% higher. The Dow Jones Index can be expected to drp another 500 and stabilze there over the next few months.

Again I will say that I hope I am wrong. I want to be completely wrong by the end of the year. I want to laugh at what I expected with tears of joy. But I doubt it.

I’m at 55% and we are only in the middle of the 2nd month of the year. With a liberal Democrat President, a Democrat-led Congress that is headed by 2 of the most incompetent (in my opinion) politicians in decades, and expectations of spending that might have been called astronomical only a few years ago.

But we will see. Do let me know what you think.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Socializing America is bad

I have heard a lot of talk lately about socialism and the idea of nationalizing various aspects of America. I have heard how this group or that think it’s a good idea. I have heard how some think this is a direction America must take.

But in every case I am aware of, not a single one of those people promoting nationalizing whatever have lived in a socialist nation.

I have heard how great national healthcare can be. Yet thousands spend enormous amounts of money to come to America for our capitalist, market driven healthcare. Because it is the best in the world.

When it comes to banks and finance there is much the same kind of situation. People speak of redistribution of wealth. Evening the playing field. And placing ever more of a burden on the ”rich” while ensuring that the poor have no option beyond the Government.

Let me say something of personal experience to all of this. I have lived in a socialist nation. I am not from one, but I did live - not visit or vacation - in the old Soviet Union. I lived in Moscow and Tsbilsi. I have visited Latvia, and other parts of the old communist regime. So I have some experience in this debate. Far more than those in favor of nationalization.

The fact is that I witnessed the healthcare system firsthand. It was deplorable. When I had a tooth that was in severe condition I went to a local Moscow dentist. The room was filled with people waiting to see the dentist. When I signed in, the only question I was asked was if I was paying in rubles or dollars. I had both, and was told dollars were better.

I was ushered into the dentist’s office, ahead of people that had been waiting hours, within 5 minutes of entering the office. My first impression of the room was a white ceramic version of medieval dungeons I had seen on television. The equipment I saw around the room were working versions of equipment over 30 years old.

When the dentist confirmed that I had paid the huge sum of $20 American, worth more than 500 times the fee in rubles, I was provided an anesthetic. This was something that only the international cash paying customers received. Novocain. Not watered down or otherwise diluted, nor other lesser medications that regular citizens receive. And I had my tooth pulled. I was out of the office in roughly 30 minutes.

And every face in that room knew they could not afford and thus would not receive the same service I had just gotten.

When it comes to finance I prefer to look at the daily life of the average person. I lived in an apartment like anyone else. The cost was a $10 a month, or 1000 times it’s value. I had someone who shopped for meat and bread for me. That cost another $20 dollars.

I went out a few times to get food from the store myself while I lived in Russia. The lines were at least an hour long, just for general foods. The cold cuts were of a quality too low to ever be served in any American store. The selection of foods were minimal. The cost was next to nothing. But when I say the quality was low, I mean that some of the canned meats were the exact look, smell, and consistency of middle brand dog food I served my pets in California.

But it was enough to keep me alive. Though if you have ever waited for 2 hours in a line during a Russian winter, you would question how much fun life really is.

Mind you that 3 blocks from the office I worked at in Moscow, there was a McDonald’s. At almost any point in the year there was a line no less than 3 hours long (the longest I ever personally saw was 8 hours) just to get into that McDonald’s. They would let in groups of 20 – 30 people at a time. It was the largest McDonald’s I have ever seen anywhere, and I believe it is the largest in the world.

You could cut the line for all of 500 rubles, which was an inordinate price for the average citizen. Inside I could buy enough food for a family of 5 for less than the equivalent of $5 American. That same amount of food required that the people on the line, from across the USSR, had saved money from the entire family for a year, just to spend a vacation to get to this fast food restaurant. Many would leave McDonald’s and start the trip back home, the vacation starting with and ending in that one place.

When I took a cab ride to anywhere it was always the same. A cab stops and negotiation begins. Where are you going, does the cabbie want to go there, what time of day it was, were you paying in dollars or rubles, how much are you willing to pay. If all of it lined up, you had a ride. If not, you hailed another cab. And there was always another cab to be had, since only the rich could afford such a luxury on a regular basis.

I recall watching people getting on lines at 4am because the bread delivery had arrived. If you waited you might not get any bread and there would be no more. The bread was free, if it was available.

I recall walking into stores that were completely empty, because there was no food delivered yet and the shelves were bare. And I recall the lines when a delivery came, while the best meats were sold out the back of the store to those that paid far more than most could gather on a regular basis.

And I recall the trading. A chit to get shoes traded for a chit for sugar. 2 of those could get you a chit for meat. And maybe 3 of those can get you a chit for vodka, which could get you a bunch of anything else.

All of this is not to say that the people were anything but fair and friendly. I never had a problem while I was living in the USSR. Well, except for the civil war and attempted coup. The people though were salt of the earth.

But when I listen to the talk of socialized this and that, from people who have never lived under such a way of life I shiver. I don’t like socialism, or communism. Not because of some ideology, but because I lived it. I lived it the best way possible and it still left me cold and miserable in a way that the worst winter storms and double pneumonia never could.

Ask anyone that has lived in a socialist or communist country. I’ve never heard one say that life was better there. And the person you ask can be poor as hell. Because the quality of life in America is about as good as you can get. Problems and all.

So I don’t agree with celebrities, far-left liberals, politicians and so many others that think the idea in their head will be better than the lives we live. But if you let them keep changing the laws, and experimenting with our lives, you will know what it’s like to have less than you ever thought you could survive on.

I can only hope I am dead long before that day comes.

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Ready or not, the spending will come

Well it’s good to be back home. You may have noticed I was gone, the joy of filing taxes is all I will say.

And on that subject let’s take a look at the final stimulus package that has been rammed through Congress. This is not a bi-partisan package. It’s not even a package that is considerate of the needs of the nation. This is a rushed conglomeration of Democrat spending hopes of the last several years.

Looking at the facts for a moment we see exactly what is happening. This started as a $50 billion dollar pipe dream of the frugal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Once it was clear that President Obama had won, and Democrats owned the Congress, it swelled to $800 billion, in about a week. But what does it do for you and me?

Well from July to the end of the year those making a paycheck will receive $13 a week, up to $400 for an individual, if you make less than $75,000. Let the spending begin. In most of New York State that equates to 2 packs of cigarettes (excluding New York City) or a 1 pound package of chop meat, a loaf of bread, a container of instant coffee, and a package of cheese. Put another way its roughly 4 – 5 gallons of gasoline. Yet another way, it is not enough to pay any single bill you might have. And that will stimulate the economy.

Mind you that this is an absolute necessity. The economy will fall into a depression if you don’t get the extra $13 dollars a week. Just as the $700 billion for the banking bailout had to be passed or the economy would fail (ignore that fact that only $350 billion was spent of the immediate need for it all, much of it wasted, and the economy has not fallen into a depression). Not to mention the $50 billion that the U.S. auto makers absolutely needed to have before the end of the year (2008) or they would fail (even though they received $15 billion and none have failed).

But if $13 dollars a week is not enough to get you out spending more money than you can afford, it might help you stay in more. And if you are in more you might try to enjoy a different process that could help you gain more money. Extra kids. Because even if you are too poor to pay taxes, or have at least 3 kids, you can get extra money for more children. That will stimulate the economy.

And since you have more kids you will need a new home (don’t worry about the fact you may not have a job in 6 months). And to help you there, you get an $8,000 tax credit. Of course that ignores the thought that you need to be qualified to get a home in the first place. Since you will need a car for this hoard of children you can get a new car too, and take off the federal tax on that.

All with an extra $13 a week, for half the year, if you make less than $75,000. Does this sound remotely like what got us into this problem in the first place?

But the joy does not end there. If you insulate your home or buy a new furnace, you can get back up to $1,500. The furnace will likely cost $5,000 or more up front and all you have to do is wait a year to get that money back And the insulation can cost up to $55+ per roll (you may need 10 or more rolls for an attic). Mind you that you shouldn’t do both as the credit is for one OR the other. All of this on $400 a year.

You might say that is all well and fine except you need to be sure to have a job. Not to worry if you work for the Government, and we all do right? There are plenty of jobs to build roads, and move offices, and take care of honey bees. You can even get work moving medium sized fish barriers in selected rivers, because we all live near one of those. Or you can get a job in ‘green’ energy, once the technology is created and made efficient. Who care if it’s estimated to take over a decade to create that, you can get a job tomorrow in that field – you do have a Masters in engineering, conservation, chemistry, and/or biology right?

Of course if you worked for say Circuit City and have no job now you still won’t after this package. But the unemployed will get an extra $25 (not per week) in benefits and extended time for those benefits.

All of this will mean that you will have a job and more money just in time for the mid-term elections in 2010. And if you don’t there is a bunch of money left over to spend in that year to tell you that you will get a job right after you vote.

Can you imagine why any fiscal conservative (Democrat or Republican) might not have wanted to spend money on this?

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Senator Judd Gregg withdraws and highlights problem

Did anyone notice what just happened? Senator Gregg has just dropped from the nomination as the Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration. Some may focus on the fact that this is the 2nd person to drop from that post. Some may question the multiple high-profile losses the Obama Administration has encountered. But that isn’t really important in this case.

The reason why Senator Gregg dropped out is important. Because he disagrees with the stimulus plan, which I don’t fault him for, and the census. And it is the census that should demand the most attention.

With so much attention focused on the stimulus and economic conditions of the nation there are several other things happening in the Obama Administration that is being unseen. And with a corrupted news media that still swoons when the President appears, the public is being denied the opportunity to speak about or learn what is happening.

Why is the census important?

The census is more than just a count of the people of the nation. It’s political power. It’s who has control of that power.

Currently the Commerce Department runs the census. And they use human beings to go out and visually count who lives where and how many. Based on those reports the House of Representatives grows or shrinks. With that change comes many other repercussions.

As an example, let’s say that San Francisco is a bastion of far-left liberal democrats. Lets say they have 2 million people according to the last census run by the Commerce Department.

Now what is being proposed by the White House is that they will run the census (or in thier words "work closely with the census director"), and not the Commerce Department. In addition the White House feels that computer models are far more efficient and accurate in deciding how many people live where.

But unlike the Commerce Department, the White house will not publish the computer models, just the results. So like any statistical poll, the models can be made to say almost anything wanted.

Thus in my example, San Francisco could become a city of 5 million people. That doubles the number of Representatives from that city and increases the Democrat power in Congress. The same model could decrease the population in any Republican or Conservative leaning city or town in the same manner. Thus we have an artificial imbalance of power arbitrarily and specifically created by those already in power.

Also going along with this ability to shape political outcomes is the ability to reward those the White House likes, and punish those it does not.

In the same example the increase in population would also give more federal money to San Francisco. That money, like the power would be taken from other cities and towns that the White House does not like, let’s say Dallas for example.

In essence it is a bribe and a manipulation of the Government. It is warping the democratic system this nation is based on. It is purposively taking the power of the people and redistributing it based on the whim of a small group of people, that may not have the best interest of the nation at hand. And who knows how such a hidden, non-transparent system may be abused in the future.

This is not what President Obama promised the nation before and after getting elected President. In fact this violates a promise President Obama did make.

Something needs to be said about this. Something needs to be done to prevent this. Because some far-left wingnuts like may love this idea, but most Americans are far more level-headed and rational that that.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will satellite radio survive bankruptcy?

There is something I want to address that long-term readers or those who are familiar with my past might be aware of. I was a stock broker prior to being involved with investor relations and the formation of my company M V Consulting, Inc. And in those days I made many recommendations or reviews, but I never lied. Which is why I left the industry on my terms and without ever receiving a complaint.

But some may be familiar with some documents I have written since that time discussing one of my favorite positions, SIRI – Sirius Satellite Radio. I was very familiar with the entire industry of satellite radio, being involved with Sirius back when it was still called CD Radio and had yet to purchase the frequencies from the Government.

News has now come out that the company, Sirius XM Radio is in discussions to go bankrupt under Chapter 11. The stock is currently priced at around 11 cents.

I will not give a recommendation on this stock, as I am not a broker. But what I will do is share my thoughts on the industry.

Back in the early 90’s the concept of a radio format in which people would pay a subscription was unheard of. In fact I had many debates with then-fellow brokers over the merit of the concept. I am sure that many brokers in the early stages of cable television had the same battles. The first shares I bought in the company were for a client, under his recommendation, at $6.

I learned about the company, and the marketplace it hoped to enter. Facts about the industry include:

    Regular radio has poor transmission
    Range of any regular station is highly limited
    Travelers cannot listen to favorite programming outside of a local region with few exceptions
    There are some 100 million drivers in the nation, who spend on average roughly 2.5 hours commuting to and from work to home every day.

These facts and many other conditions in the economy helped raise the stock to $65 back then. To my knowledge that was the highest sale of any share of the stock ever, and it occurred in the after market.

Since that time the company has been plagued with rumors of bankruptcy or outright failure.

The stock has fallen in a similar manner to what is happening now before. And previously I thought it was an extreme buy. Far smarter investors and institutions had placed hundreds of millions into the debt and stock purchases.

But the economy was good then. Or at least better than now.

I still like the concept of satellite radio. I think it is a fact of the future, much like cable. And I envision television and/or on-demand movies being a future capability. But the current economy, and the addition of hundreds of millions in debt are serious problems.

It’s no wonder that 24% of the shares are currently being shorted. The market smells blood, in an economic vortex of pain. And with $1 billion in debt that needs to be repaid in a year where Democrats are hurting the economy worse than it already is – in my opinion – it has a daunting task in front of it.

So the question is can the company survive a Chapter 11 filing and come out the other side with a value?

Maybe. If the economy does not breach the levels of unemployment seen in the 80’s. If inflation does not roar like a lion. If any portion of the stimulus plan works better than most fiscal conservatives believe.

People will still need and drive cars. They will still have to commute long hours. And they will need entertainment for those trips. And the satellites and equipment already out there is an asset for the future. It just might not be for Sirius XM though.

So I will say simply this. As most brokers will state, a stock trading for pennies on the dollar is a gamble that something positive will happen before the company folds. If you are right you make a huge percentage gain, if you are wrong you lose everything. Some companies are worth that bet, others are not.

My ultimate opinion will remain my own. I will not make a recommendation. Qualified investment advisors familiar with individual investor needs are best to speak with on this matter.

Only one thing is always true in the market.

“Bulls and bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered. Never be a pig.”

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The Dow Jones Index does not lie

Unless one of the better turn arounds of the stock market history occurs in the next 10 minutes, the Dow Jones will have fallen several hundred points, around the range of 7900 or less (a mere 300 points from a target I predicted over 3 months ago). This is happening at the same time that the Senate has pass the economic stimulus package created by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, bloated by Democrats, and touted by President Obama. So I have to wonder, exactly which people involved with the economy think this is a good plan?

This plan, and the extensive bailouts that President Obama’s tax dodging Treasury Secretary Geithner, are proposing obviously have not convinced the critical group of Americans that good times are anywhere close to the horizon. Since these investors also represent a large portion of the small and mid-sized business owners in America, as well as the world, I expect only one thing. All the emphasis of gloom and fear drummed up by Democrats will actually come to pass. Just as a result of their actions, and not the inaction they claim.

Unemployment in the nation is bad. Not quite the nearly 11% level that the policies of the Carter Administration created, but President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress have just gotten started. We currently hover at 7.8% unemployment, with the seeming goal of 25% reached in the Great Depression getting closer to the crosshairs each day.

None of this has stopped any Democrat, including the President from pressing forward. We have waste and pet projects, call them earmarks by another name, and little hope of improvement. Just look at what is planned.

“$10 million for urban canals, $2 billion for manufacturing advanced batteries for hybrid cars, and $255 million for a polar icebreaker and other "priority procurements" by the Coast Guard.”

That says nothing of the $100 million to be spent on Honey bees and similar items I cannot imagine creating jobs.

“The plan that we've put forward will save or create 3 million to 4 million jobs over the next two years.” – President Obama

“The president's own economists, in a report prepared last month, stated, "It should be understood that that all of the estimates presented in this memo are subject to significant margins of error."

But the polispeak is great. The promises of improvement sound fantastic when you include supposed facts that no one can ever corroborate. And the inclusion of key words like “save” helps keep the polispeak from becoming an outright lie, while showing the absolute lack of confidence that the plans instill. Yet this is good enough for the average American that does not review transcripts nor listen intently to ever word. But those who invest and run companies do, more often than not.

“The economic stimulus bill would allocate about $20 billion to help hospitals and doctors transition from paper charts to electronic health records for their patients… By itself, the adoption of more health IT is generally not sufficient to produce significant cost savings, the Congressional Budget Office reported last year.”

Again it is the confusion of facts and expectations, without proof, that keep many Americans from noticing the horrendous ramifications of the stimulus package and continued bailouts. The examples are not limited to just these few statements, but a collection of comments to the public since Pelosi first stumbled into the idea of another stimulus package in October (then priced at $50 billion total), and the factual items in the nearly $900 billion (actually over $1 trillion when interest is included modestly) terms.

The Dow Jones Industrial index is a forward indicator of the mind of business and economic health. Often it overreacts to the actions around itself on any given day. And there will be more than enough pundits and economists declaring just that, if the major news media that has invested so much into President Obama bothers to investigate that much. But economists don’t work the stock market. Stock brokers and business owners do. And without the degrees, charts, and visions of Santa delivering a healthy economy they have concluded, since January 2nd, 2009 that things are going to only get worse.

So I ask you, who do you believe? Congress and the Executive Administration that routinely fail to pay their taxes, write bad checks, organize pay-offs, and lie about the job they were elected to do (Barney Frank)? Or the guy who signs your check, watches the economy in action every day at every tick on the Dow, and the guy that will give either of those 2 enough money to expand their business and employ more people?

I was a stockbroker, so my opinion is biased. But you can look at the facts and the carefully stated words for yourself. Just don’t look at the value of your 401K while you do so.

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M V Consulting, Inc. Releases 2008 Annual Growth Figures

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 10, 2009 -- M V Consulting, Inc. released information of the growth of several divisions of the company today. The company stated that for the full year of 2008 the company recorded significant growth in 4 of its 5 division. This growth was consistent both in each quarter and the entire year.

"In 2008, M V Consulting, Inc. encountered the same difficulties of expansion, credit, and consumer reluctance that highlighted all corporations," stated the President of M V Consulting, Michael Vass. He went on to say, "Yet the Company went on to improve and record significant growth in virtually every aspect of what we do. By almost every metric that a corporation can be judged by we outperformed, and given the environment we did this in it is even more impressive."

M V Consulting, Inc. does not release exact numbers of its performance, as these numbers are considered proprietary to the Company. But the Company does provide growth percentages and other metrics to the general public.

Growth in the Company's oldest blog site, Black Entertainment USA (, continued its record of year over year expansion.

  • The site reached a milestone of over 1000 posts in 2008
  • Visitors to the blog site increased by 56%
  • Unique visitors (first time traffic) jumped by 137%
  • Pages viewed by visitors, and the time spent on the site, reached record levels, up 65%
  • The site consistently reached internet viewers in at least 125 countries around the globe each month for the year

In the Company's political blog, VASS (, the first full year comparisons were made with remarkable results.

  • The site reached a milestone of exceeding 500 posts in 2008
  • Unique visitors increased by 138%
  • Page views by visitors, and time on the site, increased over 250%
  • Visitors skyrocketed by over 50%

The Company's online clothing and consumer goods store ( had equally impressive results for 2008. Increased sales were attributed to the increase in product lines form 8 in 2007 to 18 at the end of December 2008. At the end of the year over 1500 separate items are now available in the Company's store. The Company has also expanded on the number of models and photo shoots to display the various designer clothing lines, in excess of 200% in 2008.

In addition to the blogs and sites of the Company, the writing of primary author and President Michael Vass increased from being directly submitted for 8 non-Company blogs and sites to over 115 blogs and sites. Included in that expansion on the internet is one of the major milestone achievements of the Company for 2008.

  • TV One, which reaches 40 million people via its cable network channel, expanded its collaboration with the Company as it featured the VASS political blog as 1 of 2 blogs to provide its online visitors with commentary on the 2008 Presidential election.

  • Several other events that the Company was involved in during 2008 include:

  • Charitable work and donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities on behalf of the Madden Cordero Memorial, and to Not On Our Watch

  • Active promotion of voter registration.

  • The purchase of larger work facilities.

  • The creation of a Youtube channel featuring video editorials by Michael Vass.

  • Coverage of the Wesley Snipes, Sean Bell, and other trials.

  • Coverage of the entire Democratic and Republican Primaries, and the election campaigns of the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates.

  • The Company's site became ranked among the top .5% of all blogs in the world (as ranked by Technorati out of 55 million blogs).

  • Reviews of numerous movies, books, videogames and other items.

The only division of the Company to remain flat in 2008 was its search engine optimization (SEO) division. This was attributed to lack of promotion equal to that of other divisions of the Company.

Michael Vass commented, "There is nothing like the ability of the Company to grow as it has, in the face of the credit crisis and uncertain economic stability. I must believe that there are only positive reasons why so many people from across the world have sought out the blogs and sites of the Company, and I promise to maintain the levels of credibility and responsible dissemination of information that we have come to be so well regarded for."

For additional information please contact M V Consulting, Inc. President Michael Vass at info (at) or 718-344-6921.

About M V Consulting, Inc. and Michael Vass:

Mr. Michael Vass is a former securities industry account executive of good standing, and currently consults in the field of investor relations and blog site development. He has served in the US Marine Corps Reserves, as well as worked and studied in such diverse fields as entertainment, communications, philosophy and chemistry. He has lived abroad, in Moscow and Tbilisi, as well as in various cities throughout the United States.

Mr. Vass is President of M V Consulting, Inc. a diversified private company that maintains divisions in search engine optimization, online consumer goods, political and entertainment/celebrity blogs, corporate blogging, online video production, and consultation in several fields.

The Company owns Black Entertainment USA (, VASS (, a corporate website (, and an online store (

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Monday, February 09, 2009

The new Gov. of New Mexico - Val Kilmer?

Well here is a really scary thought. Actors as politicians. Often the thought terrifies me. I was brought to this fearful contemplation when I heard that Val Kilmer is potentially planning to run for Governor of New Mexico in 2010.

Now to be fair, there have been several actors that have gone into politics and done quite well. The list includes: Fred Thompson (actually he was a politician first), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Sonny Bono, Shirley Temple Black, Fred Grandy, Jerry Springer (actually a politician first as well – still a surprise to most though), Jesse Ventura, and most famously Ronald Regan.

And to my knowledge the most successful of the thespians turned politicians, in America at least, have all been Republicans. Funny considering that most in Hollywood are Democrats, and incredibly liberal. Or not so funny if you think about it.

But when I think of an actor jumping into politics I always have the same group of thoughts. They are even better trained liars than the usual polispeak of professional politicians. They often have agendas that are less clearly known. They can capture a huge base of support solely because people are familiar with their face. And they can capitalize on a public image that may in fact have nothing to do with their actual political views.

Photo found at

Taking Val Kilmer as an example. He is a registered Democrat. Until this moment I had no idea, and less concern. I liked him in Top Gun, Real Genius, Top Secret, and Heat. None of which I expect are his true persona. He is involved in animal rescue, but there is no connection to PETA. He donated to Ralph Nader’s run for President, and has stated he voted for President Obama.

None of this makes me believe anything more about him than I did before. None of this makes me understand how he is qualified to run for the Governorship of any state. But it assures me that if he were to run he would be a media hotspot.

Politics is something every American should be aware of. We all should be involved to some degree, as every decision made affects us all. And the people we elect to office should be dedicated to that purpose. But celebrity can often subvert that.

I don’t know Val Kilmer personally. I am not questioning him on a personal level. But if he chooses to run for public office I believe that he should be very clear in exactly where he stand on his politics, and exactly what he believe that he can do to improve the lives of his potential constituents.

I would love to hear what he believes qualifies him for the position. And I will be the first to say, that if he can prove he is more than a famous personality, he deserves every chance at the position. But if he cannot, then he should never run. Because all he will do is divert attention from real issues and policy, thus preventing the people of New Mexico – and in a manner all Americans – from gaining the best choice for the position.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Police, murder, African Americans. Never Again. Stop The Game

In 1946, in Georgia, a mob lynched 4 Black men. That event led to the desegregation of the military, and arguably set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement.

In 1981, in Alabama, Michael McDonald was randomly selected and lynched.

In 1998 James Byrd Jr. was dragged to death in Texas.

These were horrible acts of violence. Thankfully in each case some degree of justice was enacted. But these are not isolated events. And they are reinforced by actions of a group in America that should never be tolerated. Police officers.

There is a pattern in America that has been accepted and hidden by the news media for far too long. In each occurrence it is passed off as an individual act and unrelated. I disagree. I believe we need to bring these connected events to light.

Stop The Game. End police violence. Visit ,and pick your designer t-shirt to show the message.

In 1991 Rodney King was beaten by 4 officers with excessive force. This was one of the first times such an action by police was seen by the public, as the event had been videotaped by a bystander. Even with this evidence a jury essentially slapped the wrists of the officers involved. This lead to riots in 1992.

Since that time several other events have been video taped with the media less willing to give it public attention. One of the most recent was the execution-style murder of Oscar Grant, in Oakland California on New Years Day 2009.

The killing of Grant was witnessed by at least a dozen witnesses. Grant was unarmed, on the ground face down, with an officer on his back, and was not resisting arrest. He was shot 1 time in the back at point blank range, killing him. The entire incident, some 4 minutes long, was caught on multiple cameras. It took 14 days for the officer firing the shot to be charged with a crime. The incident reached the national media 2x (an ABC news 30 second video clip and the opening memo on the O’Reilly Factor), both focused on the riots that occurred a week after the event.

On that same day, Robbie Tolan was shot in his driveway, while on the ground, in Texas. Robbie Tolan has been a minor league baseball player, was unarmed, and coming home from getting fast food when he was confronted by police. He currently has a bullet lodged in his liver. The officer in question has not been charged to date, though an investigation appears to still be underway.

Again on that same day, in New Orleans, Adolph Grimes was shot at 48 times, and struck 14, by 9 police officers. 12 of the 14 shots struck Grimes in the back. There is no clear explanation of why Grimes was shot at, or how he was struck so many times in the back. At this time no charges are pending any officer involved, though an investigation is said to be underway.

In 2008, Philadelphia, 19 police officers surround and beat 3 men. The officers believed the men might have been suspects from a shooting earlier that night. The men, not resisting arrest and unarmed, are kicked and beaten while lying on the ground. The result of this unquestionable act of police brutality enacted on African Americans is 4 officers fired, 3 suspended, and 1 demotion. No charges were brought.

Sean Bell, and 2 other passengers in his car, were shot at 51 times in NYC in 2006 by 5 police officers. None of the men were armed. Sean Bell died, the other surviving men were critically wounded at the time. None of the police officers were found guilty of wrong-doing.

Also in 2006, in Atlanta, Kathryn Johnston (age 92) was shot by 3 officers and killed. The officers entered the home with a no-knock warrant – prying off burglar alarms and breaking down the door - Johnston fired a shotgun once in the ceiling. No officer was injured by Johnston. Police fired 39 shots and hit Johnston 6 times. A failed cover-up of the incident included false claims of Johnston being a drug dealer. It was later proven that the Atlanta police routinely lied to get warrants All 3 officers that shot Johnston have been found guilty.

In 2005, in New Orleans, Robert Davis was beaten by 4 officers (2 of which were in fact federal agents). This incident was videotaped by the Associated Press, during which one of the newsmen was physically assaulted for videotaping the event. The federal agents were never charged. 2 officers were fired and 1 received a 120 suspension. 1 officer was cleared of all charges by a judge.

In 2004, NYC, Timothy Stansbury Jr. opened a rooftop door and was shot and killed by a police officer. He was unarmed. The shooting violated police procedure. The officer was never charged.

In 2001, in Ohio, Timothy Thomas was shot and killed by a police officer. The initial statement by the officer was that his gun accidentally went off. He then later stated that Thomas, wanted on non-violent charges, had a gun. He later revised the statement that he believed Thomas was reaching for a gun. Thomas in fact was unarmed, and is believed to have been holding up his baggy pants. The officer was not charged.

In 1999, in NYC, Amadou Diallo was shot 41 times by 4 police officers outside of his home. He was unarmed. At least one of the shots to Diallo was fired through the bottom of his foot, meaning he was lying on the ground when the shot was fired. None of the police officers involved were found to have committed a crime.

1998, in New Jersey, State police officers fired 11 shots at Danny Reyes and 3 passengers in the van. 3 of the men in the van, including Reyes, were shot. Reyes was hit 4 times, and was unarmed, as were all the men in the vehicle. All the men were on the way to professional basketball tryouts in North Carolina. The State troopers were charged with attempted murder after having initial charges dropped by lower court. I am unaware of any trial date having been set or occurring to date.

In 1997, in New York City, 4 officers arrested Abner Louima on questionable charges at an incident not originally involving him. When Louima was brought to the police station the officers proceeded to beat Louima with fists, nightsticks, police radios, and then sodomized him with a plunger. The entire event was attempted to be covered up by multiple police officers in the police station. 2 officers received time in jail, 3 other officers had convictions overturned and never served time.

Never Again. Prevent another senseless murder. Visit ,and pick your designer t-shirt to show the message.

I mention all of these events for 1 reason. They are not separate. They are all related. This is a pattern that has been occurring since before the 20th century started. It happens across the nation. And it could happen to your brother, sister, mother, father, children or yourself.

Police officers are routinely given carte blanche to violently act against African Americans without cause. Even when that action results in death, or extreme unjustifiable violence and torture, police are routinely excused.

The media almost invariably ignores these events. Even when presented with evidence from independent sources. Right this second more people in America know of the Florida Caylee Anthony case than all of the above cases (with the exception of perhaps the Rodney King event). While the Anthony case is horrendous, it is an individual act – reported on for a year – whereas we have a pattern of systemic abuse of power allowed by the legal system that remains virtually unseen. And it is anyone’s guess how many other cases of a similar nature occur and are not reported on.

This is unacceptable. This is wrong. We cannot allow this to continue.

Never Again. Stop The Game. Families should never have to mourn the loss of an innocent murdered by police. Visit ,and pick your designer t-shirt to show the message.

Stop The Game. Never Again. Do not let the pattern continue, help raise awareness on what is happening. Visit ,and pick your designer t-shirt to show the message.

The news media must live to its obligation to report on patterns that violate the rights and lives of American citizens. The news media is not an entertainment program, nor does it have the right to ignore facts that affect a huge segment of the nation while trying to garner ad revenue.

The police are employed to protect the rights of all the people. While many do this every day successfully, there are more than enough officers that do not. For every case resulting in the unwarranted death of an unarmed African American how many more cases of lesser violence slip thru the cracks? For every case of violence that catches the local (almost never national) attention how many are unreported, or successfully covered up?

We may never know. Especially if this is allowed to be viewed as individual events that are unrelated. Especially if we cloud our eyes to the fact that officers in these events are routinely placed back on the street, and inevitably train future officers the tactics and mentality they employ.

We need to wake up America. We need to shed light on this subject. We need to make people aware of the danger that exists. Because if 1 Black man can be shot at 51 times without question or repercussion, any man woman or child in the nation could be next.

I present this clothing line, found at, with one thought in mind. Attention to the wrong that is happening right now, in this “post-racial” America. Police cannot murder innocents without concern if they know they will be punished for it. Police departments will not abide criminals wearing a badge if they know that they have the support of the public.

I cannot say that the Never Again, or Stop The Game, clothing lines will prevent another Abner Louima, Kathryn Johnston, or Oscar Grant – but if enough of us have this, wear this in public, open the debate and thus increase awareness it just might. If enough of us can wear this, and it starts people noticing the obvious connected pattern of abuse and death things can be changed. And that change could save the life of a child, a father, a family. This change could save you.

Isn’t that worth it?

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

The problem of a fiscally responsible homeowner

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m feeling very frustrated of late. It is the talk of the tax credits and benefits for new home buyers and those facing foreclosure. I just can’t help but be annoyed.

As a homeowner, I am listening to how the Government wants to give so much money to people who over-extended themselves. They want to make it so easy for people buying a new house. And those are good things. But for those of us with a home and paying our mortgage, well we just are being ignored.

There is no benefit to me for paying my mortgage on time. I get no accolade, nor tax break or credit beyond whatever has already existed. Yet I too am suffering. Maybe not as much as those that made bad decisions, or came upon unforeseeable problems. Still this economy is no joyride.

The Obama Administration wants to give a $15,000 tax credit to new home buyers. Those in default or foreclosure get to re-negotiate they mortgages, and/or Government aide. That’s a huge amount of money, individually or as a group. Yet because I am fiscally sound, because I made decisions that would provide me the ability to pay my obligations as I agreed to, I am effectively penalized.

The penalty is not just that I receive no benefit from the Government or via my mortgage. The money that has been spent, and will be spent in the near future, is money that will have to be repaid via taxes. That’s coming out of my pocket. Add to that the fact that since I have no adjustment, and I will have to be paying for what others are receiving for bad decisions I am effectively paying their mortgage and my own.

If I wanted to own another house, I would have bought one. But what I am getting is my home, and another place that I have never seen, cannot live in, and gain no benefit from. It’s almost as if the Government is saying

“You have a nice house. This family will be moving in with you. Oh, and you will pay them to do it. Thank you for being reliable and fiscally sound.”

But maybe it’s just me. Though I imagine that anyone that is renting would be even more upset as they don’t even have the benefit of a home, yet they are paying for someone else’s in spades.

So how do you feel about this?

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How much do you deserve? Who gets to decide?

Here is a problem. And it’s a big one. Who deserves the right to decide how much money you should get paid?

What if I told you that the Government has decided that as an employee (not of the Government, but of private business) you deserve no more than $25,000. It doesn’t matter that you went to college, got a degree, and owe tens of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter that prior to Government intervention you were making $125,000. Because the Government thinks that $25,000 is enough to live on. Would you be happy?

What if you own a business? Maybe a grocery store, or a restaurant. Or perhaps a dentist office, or a car garage. And the Government said that even though you work 60 or more hours a week, every week, usually without vacation, you only deserve to be paid $75,000 or less? It doesn’t matter that the business makes enough to pay you $200,000. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, or what the business is worth. Because they think that is more than enough. Because executive pay should be capped.

Do you see the problem?

I think most people can accept that the Government has no right to say how much money they make if they don’t work for the Government. That’s why we have private business. That’s why our economy is the greatest in the world – even in a downturn.

But the upcoming rules to be stated by President Obama say exactly that. Keep an ear open though, as the exact wording will be far more pleasant to hear. It will be packaged under the guise of reigning in the “runaway excesses of the financial industry and Wall street greed.” And it will be phrased as a means of ensuring executives are responsible with the bailout money President Obama plans to give them.

Now I have long said that an executive, a CEO, does not deserve a huge pay package (in excess of millions) for work where a company is in trouble or worse off than when they started. That’s not their job. And if a CEO is fired for poor performance, thus endangering the health of the company, they definitely don’t deserve a golden parachute. Conversely though, if they improve the company, thus ensuring growth and job stability, they certainly do deserve a huge payout bonus. But that is for the shareholders of the company to determine, not the Government and not arbitrarily.

It can be said, and with good reason, that any company that has accepted Government money has the Government as a shareholder (at least). And I can accept that. Except the proposed limits are not just for companies that receive Government funds.

“The administration will also propose long-term compensation restrictions even for companies that don't receive government assistance.
According to the official, the proposals include:

• Requiring top executives at financial institutions to hold stock for several years before they can cash out.
• Requiring nonbinding "say on pay" resolutions — that is, giving shareholders more say on executive compensation.
• A Treasury-sponsored conference on a long-term overhaul of executive compensation.”

I have a problem with the Government telling me how much money I deserve to make for the work I do. And if you think the Government will not do this, recall that there is no Department, Agency, or Division of the Government I can name in the last 40 years that has gotten smaller or given up power they held. Can you?

Once Government has established the ability to determine the wages of any private group of citizens, it can do it for all citizens. And it will always be stated as something for the good of the nation. Until it’s not.

There is a name for this kind of system, its called communism. And the nations that have tried to live with that system have all had it fail. Unless you have lived where people line up for their ration of meat – the best of which has been siphoned off for black market sales – you may not see the problem with all of this. But I have, and I was beyond greatful that I was an American and could afford the black market goods.

“long-term overhaul of executive compensation” – listen to that. What exactly does it mean? Who does it apply to? Who will determine what is executive compensation?

That is not a free market. That is not a capitalist strategy. That is not why I own my company and work hard long hours. I don’t bust my arse in my own company because I hope one day to have the Government act as my employer and tell me how much I can make with absolute authority.

This is a problem. And I don’t care how it’s sugar-coated, it’s a bitter pill to try to make me swallow. And how long will it be before the Government decides to tell us where to spend our money? Or what to do with our own time? It’s a slippery slope and we are riding down the path like a bat out of hell.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What "Change" amounts to in Washington D.C.

I find it so interesting that some are surprised by the problems in the Obama Administration. It’s not like anyone should have expected the Democrats to be or act better.

To start with the top, President Obama pledged that his Administration would remove the “old politics” and change how Washington does business. It seems the business was given to the public.

Rather than bring in new people to Washington, President Obama has run through the Clinton Administration, and a few popular old Democrats for nearly every position. Nearly each appointment has been a staunch liberal Party-line Democrat.

Case in point is the big pick, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She ran a campaign grounded in polispeak flip-flops, race baiting, gender cards, and division in the Democratic Party. For this she was rewarded with a position of massive power, repayment of millions in debt from the campaign, and the ability to position herself for a future run at the Presidency.

And let us not forget that Secretary of State Clinton is known for her Whitewater profits, inexperience in world politics (though she borrowed from her husband’s efforts liberally), ability to dodge invisible bullets, association with a fugitive from the law (Norman Hsu) – including her acceptance and reluctance to return $1 million in campaign funds once he was caught, and most recently her inflexibility to remove any question of impartiality regarding international multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation.

There is of course the joy of Vice President Biden. He is known for his ability to insult minorities, including insulting references to President Obama (when he was Senator Obama) at the drop of a hat. VP Biden is known as well for his multiple political gaffes, and strong liberal leanings. Not to mention is total disdain for the experience of President Obama, as well as his prediction of an impending catastrophic event due solely to the election of President Obama. But he is the bright side of the Administration and Congress.

Then we have Tom Daschle. He is slightly better than Chris Dodd in that his ability to benefit from his position was only temporary. By that I mean he has finally paid $128,000 owed to the IRS. And since he was so kind as to finally make this payment, the IRS decided not to ask him for the $50,000 penalty you and I would normally have been hit with. Never mind the fact that he waited 4 years (from 2005) to make the payment, and that the only foreseeable reason he made the payment was to get this major position. And don’t mind the fact that Daschle is a hypocrite

“Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter. ” Sen. Tom Daschle, Congressional Record, May 7, 1998, p. S4507.”

But why should he worry. Since Treasury Secretary Geithner, who runs the IRS, didn’t find it important to pay his taxes either (that took 8 years). At least not in any timely manner. And without the penalty as well.

Keep that in mind when you get your tax bill. Because I guarantee you won’t get the same treatment. But who are you? Just a voter.

But I mentioned Chris Dodd. He runs the Senate Banking Committee. You know the part of Congress that completely ignored every sign of the mortgage crisis. The people who along with Representative Barney Frank in the House Banking Committee looked America in the eyes and said everything was under control and anyone saying otherwise was a liar – right before several banks and AIG had meltdowns. But Chris Dodd is special. Or at least his mortgage company thought so.

It seems that his mortgages, that he promised were the same as everyone else, have turned out to be sweetheart deals. I guess everyone else means every Democrat that holds a political office. And it only took him 6 months or so to reveal this information – that he promised to provide the public 5 months ago. Compared to the others he is lightning fast. It only took until after the election to mention the truth.

Ah, but don’t forget House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The woman behind a stimulus bill that fails to provide stimulus. Unless you think pet projects like honey bees will somehow help those 162,962 people that were laid off in January alone, get new jobs. .html But don’t worry, because she too has her own sweetheart deal in the works. Not that it’s secret, but you should recall that Speaker Pelosi holds a large stock position in a green energy company, one of the areas the stimulus plan will be dedicating money to for research to find a way, over the next 5 years or more, to create anything.

Considering all these problems, issues, bald-faced lies, broken promises, and abuses of power, is anyone really surprised? Because the American people were promised change. And if this isn’t a change (for the worse in my opinion) then can you imagine once all these people really get the ball rolling? Aren’t you excited?

And if you doubt a word of what I have said, just check Google and see the news that the media is keeping quiet. Because it would look really bad if the news media held President Obama and the Democrats accountable after having sold their souls (and committing active self-admitted bias) to get that feeling down their legs.

And some are surprised? Just wait, we have 3 years and 11 months to go.

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