Sunday, March 19, 2006

A different style poem

A recent poem that I wrote. I just need to express thoughts from time to time. If you would like to read som or my other works go to Poems.

Black Dress

Sometimes I am caught unawares
As you pass and steal my breath
I find my vision trapped
By your visage which enraptures me
The memory gives me a shiver

My senses are alive and wild
your smell has awakened my heart
seeing you captures my mind
The hope of your caress fills my chest

It’s sensual and carnal, deep & eternal
Words fail to explain what the soul feels
My body tingles and pulses

But there is a weight as well
To free the chains that bind
A sacrifice of self was made
And Pain Abounds

Yet there is no regret
No voice of Doubt or mistake
To gain happiness for another
Is worth the internal strife

The hands are not mine that hold you
Nor my lips that you kiss
Our intimate embrace dismissed

But I’ve done the right thing
No matter the personal cost
Ultimate happiness

There is no greater gift
No realization more deep
That for all the love given
It was incomplete

Yet malice was not the aim
Nor a loss of love the reward
True freedom

The one thing not given before
And strength to endure the challenges
A lonely place for one
And empowering another

But isn’t that what you do for love

And still seeing you,
A boon not wished soon lost
Dressed like once long ago

My heart flutters
My face grows flush
As I swoon

Life has no right
And too many wrongs
Joys far to short
With pain all to long.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

power and consequences

An almost daily theme these days is the ‘war on terror’. I have already spoken about how our action in Iraq and Afghanistan are not wars, at least not by the definitions that have existed up to the 70's. Perhaps those definitions should be redefined, but that is not for me to decide alone. Even so, the sound bites continue to proliferate faster that a Carnival samba dancer can dance. And decisions that will affect the future of not only this nation but the world continue to move forward.

Some have questioned the various aspects of the programs employed currently to retard and prevent those that would attack this nation. Now I do not believe there should be a lack of criticism of the government. That is an essential right and strength of our nation. That doesn’t mean I agree with them. One case in point was addressed by Mr. Stuart Levey, undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, in that the efforts of the nation to prevent funding for terrorist activities is only a small but important part to defeat terrorist acts in America. Often detractors of one aspect of the efforts to protect the nation fail to see the whole picture, or choose not to see it as it allows them an opportunity to create political sound bites that are more catchy, even if they are somewhat inaccurate in my view.

Some would say that my comments in questioning the need to use the term war, and the identification that our national efforts to fight that ‘war’ will amount to an endless struggle are in fact detractions like those I mentioned above. I do not believe this is true. I believe that in pointing out logical conclusions to facts and actions occurring currently the opportunity to make proper decisions is created. I do not have a problem fighting terrorism, ideal or not. I do not have a problem with having military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, whatever the reason for being in these countries. I have always been confident that we are, in the net result, positively affecting the lives of those who live under the threat of oppression and terror. This thought is also shared, I believe, by James S.

I think that we cannot lose sight of the freedoms and rights provided and protected by the Constitution and Amendments. The need to protect ourselves from fanatics, does not require us to become fanatical ourselves. I disagree in part with <>F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., R-Wis., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee<>. Perhaps it is due to being a Hispanic Black African American, in that I recall the actions of the FBI against Dr. Martin Luther King, or Malcolm X, or the Black Panthers. Each was done as an act to protect the nation, and in each case the government has admitted it was wrong. Recent allegations of illegal use of power by President Bush, in the wire-taping of perhaps millions of calls, is another items that causes me pause. If the wire-taping had not been found by a reporter, it would have gone on for an untold amount of time in secrecy. Perhaps only as long as we fight the war on terror, which in my view will not end as it is an ideal backed with a religious fervor and that cannot be defeated (similar I think to the attempts of the Crusades to remove Islam). My disagreement does not question that there is a need to have laws in place to address those fanatics that would seek to destroy us. Nor do I feel that safeguards placed upon those laws are unwarranted or lack vision to the future. But human nature is such that all eventualities cannot be accounted for, and interpretations of law change, and power corrupts even when the intentions are good.

This is what I think, what do you think.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Do you know your rights?

Oh the terror. Not because of the video showing that President Bush was fully aware and appraised of the potential problem that Hurricane Katrina presented. That is a post for another time. Soon. No I am shocked, and appalled by another thought altogether. I have often mentioned my willingness to support this nation, and the Constitution and Amendments, with my life were it to have been necessary. This belief that America is the greatest nation in the world is held by many of my family members and friends. Millions of Americans feel, in the least, a similar passion for our nation yet I often wonder how many are aware of what this nation stands for.

A reason for my question is in part due to a recent poll. While this poll by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum is far to small to be a fair representation, my experiences in L.A., New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago and Jacksonville Florida among many other places, have lead me to think it is more accurate than it may seem at first glance. Astoundingly few people know 5 freedoms ensured by the Constitution and Amendments. Even worse is what it is that citizens believe are rights.

This isn’t as funny as I wish it were. Take a moment and tell yourself what rights are stated in the Constitution. Reflect for a moment on the last time you read either the Constitution or the Amendments.

Profession, income, Black African American, White, Hispanic, creed, etc. are all irrelevant when it comes done to this question - What rights are you guaranteed and the government obligated to protect for you? If you can’t name 5 then you better go and check my Black Entertainment - references.

I can’t understand how the Simpson’s or judges on American Idol are more prevalent in the minds of American than their rights. Or that citizens can’t differentiate between an essential right like freedom to follow a religion or the freedom to assemble [like at a strike or a rally - in other nations, such as China, doing this can get you shot or jailed for decades] as opposed to a privilege like driving or the option to own a pet. That anyone would confuse the “taking the 5th” with the First Amendment. That’s not funny that’s criminal in my opinion. It implies both a lack of knowledge and apathy for the actual rights that the world envies us having.

I’ve spoken about education (Education for Americans: Black White and everyone), history (History in America), words (More old thoughts), and politics (Commenting on Sen. Hillary Clinton's Dr. Martin Luther King Day speech among many others) with the thought that most understood the core of what makes this nation different and those subjects essential. Polls such as the above leave me dejected, leave America looking like a buffoon and encourage individuals like Osama bin Laden that they can defeat our way of life, or so it seems in my eyes.

If you do not know what you have it is 1000x easier for anyone to take it from you. If you don’t know what you are fighting for you will lose. If you don’t understand what the government is obligated on, you will allow it to abstain.

This is what I think, what do you think.

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